When you press the pause button on a machine, it stops.
But when you press the pause button on human beings, they start.
— Dov Siedman

If you’re a Strategist, a Creative, a Writer, a Designer, an Entrepreneur, a Student - we have a journal to help you find the moments of pause in your day.

The Mindful Planners aren’t for time-management hustlers or hyper-productivity pursuits. This is a planner for people like you, professional thinkers, creators and makers that know time spent reflecting, noticing, being curious, or simply switching off and ‘doing nothing’ is the source of inspiration, imagination and ingenuity.

The Mindful Strategist

For Strategists

The first edition in the series is The Mindful Strategist. This is an undated, 90 day journal of daily mindful prompts designed to unlock greater inspiration in your strategic thinking.


  • Take 15-20 minutes a day to press pause and focus on writing what you notice.

  • Inspire your work with new ways to think curiously and create mindfully.

  • Reflect on your observations, about yourself, your work and the human beings around you.

  • Think freely, without bias or constraints, to focus on the possibilities and positives.

  • Temporarily remove yourself from the endless digital distractions and practice new mindful heuristic habits.

  • Find your flow! Rediscover that which comes naturally to thinkers, creators and makers.