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The Mindful Strategist 
A Planner for Professional Thinkers - released November 11, 2018.

The best strategists aren't born from MBAs or college degrees. Rather, they have a way of experiencing life and noticing the nuances that add fuel to their thinking. This is less skillset, more mindset.

Whether new to strategy or 20+ years into a career, everyone can benefit from daily, simple and surprisingly enriching heuristic habits that compound our impact as strategic and creative thinkers.

The first journal in a series, The Mindful Strategist will encourage 'professional thinkers' to adopt a daily practice of reflection, noticing and curiosity to unlock more imaginative and inspired ways of approaching the craft of strategic planning.

Pre-orders available now. Join us for 30 Days Mindful (it’s free - sign up at the bottom of the homepage), follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


Aromatherapy is the art of using the life force of plants in the form of essential oils, also thought of as nature’s medicine, to enhance your emotional, spiritual and physical well-being.

The Mindful Essentials are an extension of The Mindful Series mission to help people feel more mindful in the workplace and unlock their best performance, creativity, thinking and career outcomes. I have crafted essential oil blends to ground myself and others in the three mindful modes encouraged in the planners - Reflection, Curiosity and Noticing.

Stay tuned for workshops and the launch of my custom blends. I can also recommend single oils that can provide relief from stress and anxiety, enhance sleep,, enhance focus and concentration, and support your wellness needs. If you’d like to buy essential oils at the same 25% discount that I get, find out how to create an account.


Pronounced [Key-Oh], KYŌ is an app for daily reflection and mindful journalling. After a serendipitous meeting with co-founder, Marc Champagne, I was compelled to collaborate with him. The App is live in the Apple Store now, in which you'll be able to find an interview with me, and access a premium pack, called The Mindful Strategist.



In partnership with REVEL, I'm plotting with Dan Sims to extend the tour schedule of my favourite Pinot festival to North America in 2019. If you'd like to know more, don't hesitate to make contact.