Justine Bloome is the author and publisher of The Mindful Series, a certified meditation teacher and expansion coach. Justine empowers mindful professionals and wellbeing brands to thrive; combining over two decades of marketing experience with her personal practices and training in meditation, consciousness and self-awareness.

Justine teaches clients to unlock their natural intelligence and creativity, reconnect to their flow state and achieve professional performance and balance. For many clients, this expansion is felt in all aspects of life.

Across two decades as a strategist inside frenetic media, advertising and agency environments in Australia, London and New York, Justine’s approach to mindfulness and reflection have proven fundamental to unlocking her best thinking and her best self.

Through speaking, courses, workshops and mindful products, Justine seeks to encourage others to experience this powerful shift in perspective - empowering us all to enjoy
Life, On Purpose.



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In 2012, Justine delivered a talk about Empowerment for TEDxWomen in Southbank.

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