We love nature because we learned to love the things that helped us survive. We are hard wired to affiliate with the natural world and just as our health improves when we are in it, so our health suffers when we are divorced from it.
— E.O. Wilson


The gifts of Mother Nature have been used for centuries to heal and support our health naturally. Intuitively, we reach for plants to ease ailments, settle symptoms and enhance our wellbeing.

We reach for peppermint when our stomach feels NQR (not quite right).

We intuitively know there’s something about lavender that helps with sleep, calming our nervous system and supporting our babies to settle.

When you turn to the benefits of natural, plant-based, time-tested ingredients, you’ll feel better and feel the difference. I call this Essential Wellness.

My Goal : have you feeling empowered and in control with natural solutions to all your wellness needs. Whether it’s an upset stomach, trouble sleeping, anxious feelings, an itchy rash, or congested airways, I offer free wellness consults to help you find the answers you seek.

I work with individuals and groups to empower you to discover the art and science of Essential Wellness. Browse the ways to explore your journey to Essential Wellness on this page. Book a free wellness consult, or join an upcoming workshop. I am honored to support and empower you on this journey.



A fun, educational community of people who learn together as we create a more mindful lifestyle with essential oils, DIY non-tox product alternatives, and heal ourselves physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially.



If you’re feeling called to explore the ways that the unique properties and compounds found in plants can support your health and wellness, I invite you to go ahead and schedule your first private consult with me, for free.




You suspect there are hidden chemicals and toxins lurking in your cupboards, you want to educate yourself, and learn how to begin finding non-tox or low-tox replacements?

This private session is for you. We’ll audit your current shelf of products and prepare a toxin assessment, giving you clarity and transparency. Then we will review a Non-Tox Life Plan - offering a variety of replacement products that I have personally tested.



In this workshop, you will discover the Destiny that’s calling from your astrological birth chart via a mini-reading with intuitive astrologer Courtney Santoro, followed by a lesson in crafting the perfect, pure perfume (pure-fume) blend to support your journey towards your Soul’s Purpose with Justine Bloome.

All images on this page are courtesy of Elaine So and Alternative Way Co.

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