Disruptive Entrepreneurs

2012 : This session brought together some of the most seasoned and talented start-ups to share their journey as disruptive entrepreneurs who challenge the traditional. The audience at Creative3 listened to four entrepreneur’s journeys and how other start-ups are making their mark globally.

Justine Bloome is the founder and innovator behind The Village Agency™. During her 15+ years of experience in the marketing, media and advertising sectors, Justine consistently recognised that the most innovative and creative outcomes are always amplified exponentially when true collaboration is involved.It was from this observation, along with the enhanced scope for working “virtually” in the new age of technology, that The Village Agency™ was born. Justine set out to deliver an agency model that tore apart the costly structures of the traditionally-operated big advertising agencies, in favour of valuing the collaborative creation process and the independent expertise within the virtual group.Justine focuses on constantly evolving The Village Agency™ by integrating new trends and techniques for collaborative innovation. she’s passionate about organisations and teams delivering more impactful innovation by understanding the foundations necessary for true collaboration – in process, structure and culture.