Finding Flow and Reconnecting with the Feminine - My Lunar Practice

I found my lunar practice around the end of 2018. It appeared in my life around about the same time as I received a powerful message from my Guides. It came to me during meditation, just when I had sunk into that warm gooey, expansive place of Being.... an enormous billboard was dropped into my field of vision. The billboard read :

"You've been denying and diminishing your femininity by calling it your 'hippy side' for too long"

BAM! Just like that, I was up, out of my meditation... deeply moved by the profound nature of this truth I had been hiding from, for much of my life. I poured everything I was feeling in response to this message into my journal.

There were so many situations where I had stepped more into my masculine energy over the years; being left to live on my own from age 15 (a story for another time), working in very male-dominated environments during my early career, having a child on my own and playing the role of both parents. As I thought back over these times, those words from my Guides rang in my ears. It was true, I had labeled my feminine energy as my 'hippy side' and had kept that side hidden from view in so many situations, especially in my career. Seeing this truth brought out of the shadows and into the light was sobering.

From that day, I resolved to find the balance between the masculine and feminine and to find practices that would support my intention to embody my feminine energy more in the every day.

The energy that the Moon reflects holds a feminine vibration, that of Shakti, containing qualities such as receptivity, emotion, and intuition. I was first introduced to the principles of a lunar practice by Ezzie Spencer (thanks to my soulie, Nat Warner) via her book, Lunar Abundance and her moon circles at @theassemblagenyc.

It was through Ezzie's work that I came to understand the eight phases of the moon inside every 29.5 day orbit of the earth - the waxing and waning moons that each bring a different energy. I now have these phases in my phone's calendar. Sure enough, every time I am feeling super energized from the moment I open my eyes, I check my phone and smile, because it's the start of a Yang phase of the moon. Conversely, those days when I feel like I could just take a nap, or take it slow... I check my calendar and yep, it's a Yin phase of the moon. Our bodies know.

My lunar practice went to a new level when I began to use the Spirit Daughter bi-monthly guides and journal prompts. This has become such a fundamental aspect of finding flow each month - during quiet, reflective, solo ceremonies on the New Moon and the Full Moon. Each month is unique, because Jill Wintersteen infuses an understanding of astrology (ie. where all the planets are in the sky, and what energetic shifts this brings during the current moon phase), with yoga, meditation, tarot and journaling as the tools for unfolding, clearing and manifesting.

My lunar practice has allowed me to connect mind and spirit with what my body already knew - my true power lies in the feminine. This practice makes it easier to ride the rise and fall of the phases of energy, let go of what no longer supports me, set intentions and manifest from the feminine. It's a process - I am still learning so much. But I am deeply enjoying this journey.

Do you follow the lunar cycles? What does your lunar practice look like? Teach me your ways! Share in the comments below.

Image Credit: @your_jamelia